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Welcome to the website of Moens Packaging NV. This website is managed by Moens Packaging NV is located at Zeelsebaan 24, 9200 Grembergen. This website is freely accessible. You take note of and agree to these terms of use including our privacy statement. If you do not agree to them, please leave the website at your own initiative.

Moens Packaging NV may modify or terminate the website at its own discretion and at any time it wishes, with or without prior notice. Moens Packaging NV shall not be liable for the consequences of any change or termination.

You may include a link to this website on your own website. Moens Packaging NV reserves the right to deny you permission to use the website and/or certain services offered on the website. Following this, Moens Packaging NV may monitor access to the website.

Moens Packaging NV only makes the data on the website available for informative purposes. Unauthorised or improper use of the website or its contents may constitute a violation of intellectual rights, regulations concerning privacy, publication and/or communication in the broadest sense of the word. Should you infringe the intellectual rights, other rights of Moens Packaging NV or third parties, you undertake to compensate Moens Packaging NV or third parties and indemnify them against any claims or demands made by Moens Packaging NV or third parties as a result of an infringement thereof.
Among other things, you undertake to:
- not to use the information in an unlawful, illegal manner;
- not to use the website in such a way that the website is damaged, distorted, interrupted, stopped or made less efficient;
- not use the website to transmit or post computer viruses, to transmit or post illegal or unlawful material or material which is in any way inappropriate (including but not limited to material of a defamatory, obscene or threatening nature);
- not use the website in such a way as to infringe the rights of any natural or legal person or association, including but not limited to the rights of privacy and intellectual property;
- not use the website for posting and transmission of material for promotional or advertising purposes without the prior consent of Moens Packaging NV

Moens Packaging NV endeavours to keep the information on the website constantly correct and up-to-date and is dependent on third parties for some of the basic data. Under no circumstances can Moens Packaging NV be held liable for any errors, incompleteness or inaccuracies which may occur, nor for obsolete data. Visitors to our website cannot derive any rights from offers which appear on our website erroneously and by mistake, or which are no longer available but have not yet been removed from our website by mistake. Moens Packaging NV only accepts a commitment (to sell and/or deliver a product or service) after we have explicitly and concretely confirmed your request to purchase, stating the quantity, nature of the product or service and the price.

At the simple request of whoever can demonstrate any legal interest in this, the necessary additions or corrections will be made as soon as possible.

Nor can Moens Packaging NV be held liable if the user suffers damage of any kind as a result of using the website or the links included on it. Links to other, external sources of information are provided for information purposes only and do not imply any opinion regarding their content or existence.

The website may contain references (for example by means of a hyperlink, banner or button) to other websites relating to a specific aspect of this website or placed by third parties. This does not mean that Moens Packaging NV is affiliated with these other websites or their owners. Moens Packaging NV is therefore not responsible for compliance with privacy legislation by these third parties. Nor can Moens Packaging NV be held responsible for contributions placed by third parties. Use thereof is always at your own risk.

If you send information, such as images or other files, to or via the website, you declare that you are the owner of all intellectual property rights, copyrights, image rights, neighbouring rights and, if applicable, other rights (irrespective of whether or not these are registered) which apply to this. You grant Moens Packaging NV from the moment of dispatch:
- The unconditional right of use;
- the right of reproduction on the website and through other channels;
- the right to adaptation and translation;
- the right of communication to the public.

The waiver of the above rights is free of charge, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Moens Packaging NV shall be entitled from the moment of transfer to use the transferred information (excluding personal data, see Privacy Statement) for marketing purposes. You also indemnify Moens Packaging NV against all possible forms of liability from third parties in connection with the use of this information, images or other files. Only Belgian law is applicable to disputes relating to the website. Only the courts of the judicial district of Dendermonde are competent to deal with any disputes. If you still have questions to which you have not found an answer, please contact Moens Packaging NV, Zeelsebaan 24,9200 Dendermonde or by e-mail or by telephone during office hours at : 0032 (0)52 21 22 77.

Privacy statement

This privacy statement indicates, inter alia, which data is collected by Moens Packaging NV on the website, how Moens Packaging NV uses this data and how the data is secured. By using the website and related services, you expressly consent to the collection, use, disclosure and storage by us of your personal data, as described in this privacy statement and the terms and conditions of use. Moens Packaging NV may decide in the future to amend the privacy statement if, for example, to the extent permitted by law, other (personal) data are processed which are not mentioned in this privacy statement.

When you visit the website purely to find information about Moens Packaging NV or its products and services, or about the subjects or items included on this website, no personal data are processed about you.  Only when you wish to receive certain services or products, participate in competitions or request services for which registration is required (such as newsletter reception) may you be asked to provide certain personal data (such as your first name, surname, login, e-mail address, gender, street name, street number, postal code, postal address, date of birth, profession, telephone number and picture). Each time you provide personal data, Moens Packaging NV will treat them in accordance with the policy written here and with the legal obligations concerning the processing of personal data. You guarantee that the details you communicate to Moens Packaging NV belong to you, or at least that you have permission to use and communicate them to Moens Packaging NV. Moens Packaging NV may deny you access to its websites or parts thereof, temporarily or permanently, if you use false or incorrect data or data from third parties without their consent.

Moens Packaging NV processes personal data to get in touch with you, to provide you with the products or services you have requested or for which you have registered, to inform you about its own range of products and services (e.g. dates on which Moens Packaging NV events take place; competitions, etc.), for personalising its own range of products and services and for direct marketing purposes. Moens Packaging NV only sends you the info for which you register on the website such as the newsletter.  

The use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes by third parties is subject to your explicit permission, which you are free to give or refuse. Moens Packaging NV will only process the personal data provided by you for the purposes stated in this privacy statement.  If Moens Packaging NV wishes to process your personal data for other purposes or to pass them on to companies with which it cooperates, it will ask your explicit and prior permission to do so and you are free to refuse such permission.

Moens Packaging NV protects your data by reasonable means such as technical and administrative security measures to minimise the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure and modification. These include firewalls, data encryption, and physical and administrative access controls to the data and servers. If you nevertheless believe that your data has been misused, please contact Moens Packaging NV.  Moens Packaging NV retains personal data for no longer than legally permitted and deletes personal data when it is no longer necessary for the purposes described above.

If your data are factually incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant to the purposes for which we process your data, you may request us to amend or delete your data. Such requests will be handled in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 April 2016 (better known as "AVG" ).

Moens Packaging NV may collect anonymous or aggregated data of a non-personal nature, such as browser type or IP address, the operating programme you use or the domain name of the website via which you arrived at the Moens Packaging NV website, or via which you leave it.


Moens Verpakkingen refers to its Cookie policy which you will find under this link or on our homepage. 

In accordance with the aforementioned AVG legislation, natural persons have the right to information concerning their personal data, the right to inspect these data, the right to rectification (corrections), the right to exchange data, the right to restrict the processing of personal data, the right to object in accordance with the legal conditions, the right to refuse profiling. NV Moensverpakkingen undertakes all necessary for this so that the above-mentioned rights are respected, it acts in accordance with the legitimate interest of and for its company, and in general it will be and act GDPR compliant.

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The website has enabled Google Analytics advertising features to obtain demographic and interest reports. This data may be used for remarketing purposes. The information thus obtained, including the address of your computer (IP address), is transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Please read Google's privacy policy for more information, as well as Google Analytics' specific privacy policy. You can opt out of the Google Analytics Advertising features through the Ads Preferences Manager by choosing 'opt out'. Additionally, you can exclude yourself from being included in our web statistics by using this Browser Add-on. Google uses this information to track how our website is used, to provide us with reports on the website and to provide its advertisers with information on the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so, or insofar as these third parties process the information on Google's behalf. Moens Verpakkingen NV has no influence on this. Moens Verpakkingen NV therefore disclaims all responsibility towards users or third parties for this, and will never be liable for any damage or disadvantage whatsoever.  Moens Verpakkingen NV rejects any claims made against it on this account.   Moens Verpakkingen NV confirms that it has only authorised Google to use the obtained analytics information for Google's own services.

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